a rose and a love poem

Valentine’s Day seems to be synonymous with roses and love poems, so I thought I’d share one of each…


Rose;¬†gouache on paper; 8×8

This is a little gouache exercise I did last week. I’m still getting the feel for this medium, and each time I sit down to work, I learn something new. Painting is an education…as is love.

Also, an excerpt from one of my favorite “love poems,” written by one of my favorite poets, Laura Gilpin:


The poem is called “Dinosaurs” and comes from her collection The Weight of a Soul. I believe this book is out of print now, which saddens me, and makes me value her work even more.

What I love about this poem is the imagery of the bones of two lovers curled together, like the petals of a rose, so that they are no longer distinguishable as two individuals, but as one entity. I think that’s what God intended for love to be.

What images embody love to you?
Do you have a favorite love poem?

Happy Valentine’s Day!