Recent Publication

My poem “In Flight” was a finalist in the Bermuda Triangle Poetry Contest at The Poet’s Billow, a wonderful poetry site for established and emerging poets. The poems of the winners/finalists are published here!

In Flight

I am just a woman
on a plane–

all other associations
have dissolved
in the recycled air,

in the thousands of
open feet between me
and solid ground.

If you could be anything
what would you be?
is the question I considered
as a child,

long before I learned
to stack my ambitions
side by side like books
displayed on a shelf,

long before I learned
to compile volumes
of self worth and titles
to label myself by.

And now here I am
paused in space

as I brush forearms
with the people
to my right and to my left,

wondering in silence
what they are moving towards.

For not all that matters is
whether to choose
tomato or cranberry juice,

whether we will get
peanuts or pretzels or
anything at all.

For now I can
sit back and fly
like a weightless shell,

hollow-boned and free
like the bird I wanted to be
as a child.

     The Poet’s Billow, 2015