My son, Ren, turned THREE yesterday!
Here are a few of my favorite photos from the past year that capture his personality and celebrate some of the things I love most about him…

photo 5

He has the best smile of anyone I know.
My favorite thing is the way his eyes disappear like little crescents when he smiles.

photo 4

He is the most playful kid I know.
It’s hard to take life too seriously when Ren is around.
Thank goodness for that…because I can tend to take myself way too seriously.

photo 3

He is already getting brainwashed by his granddad when it comes to SEC football…


I love his Alfalfa hair when he wakes up!

photo 1

He can go from this (all smiles!)


To this (epic tantrum)
in less than two seconds flat
(as can all preschoolers, I suppose!)


He LOVES his sister Lucy (aka Woosie)…
but sometimes they embody that phrase
“Can’t live with you, can’t live without you.”
If you were to look up the term “Frenemies” in the dictionary,
the above image is what you would find.


He LOVES to eat!


He can also go from epic tantrum…


to completely content
in less than two seconds flat.

photo 2

He is CRAZY smart.
I can say that without it coming off as bragging because I realize I did nothing to contribute to it. Last year, at about nineteen months old, he was practically fluent in Mandarin. Now he speaks English like a boss. I can’t wait to see what he wants to be when he grows up!


He likes to dress up in women’s clothes and shoes.


But don’t be mistaken. He’s a man’s man. An alpha male.
He LOVES his grandaddy Bucky…


And his Daddy!


He is tough and resilient…
braving a lot of needle sticks during his first year home.
He will do just about anything for fruit snacks.


His joy is contagious.
He is Mr. Popular at school and I love to sit back and watch him “work the room.”
He walks with a swagger and has a natural confidence.
He is a strong extrovert but has a mind for detail and order.
My dad thinks he has a future in sales.


He seems happiest when he is playing with his sisters.
He is social, cuddly, affectionate…
it’s inspiring the way he connects with people.


And did I mention that he LOVES to eat?!…


and eat…


Happy Birthday, Ren Boy! We love you so much!


We know God has BIG things in store for your life.
We are so proud of you and thankful that you are our son!

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  1. Oh I just adore this celebration of Ren’s personality and I am SO SO SO thankful that God saw fit to bring him into your life! It was one of the greatest joys of our summer getting to spend time with your beautiful children, but especially Ren. There is something so captivating and truly inspiring about him. He truly does draw people in! What a phenomenally impactful man he’s going to be one day. I’m so glad to know him, even just a little bit! Celebrating Ren with you!

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